Happy Homemaker Monday *6*

Happy Homemaker Monday

It's got very very cold again this week...

The weather:::

St. Joseph
St. Herbert
Ste. Clémence
Ste. Léa

On my reading pile::: 
 "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater (appropriate title given the weather!)
"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" by J K Rowling (with M and W)

On my TV::: 
Upstairs and Downstairs
New Season CSI

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  Pork chops
Tuesday - Beef Stroganoff
Wednesday - Garlic chicken
Thursday - Sweet and sour pork
Friday -  Garlic pasta 
(pasta and film night!)
Saturday - Lasagne
 - Roast lamb

On my to do list:::
*Seed sowing
*Tidying up before Mum and Dad arrive later this week

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::  
*Crocheting the boarder around my grannie square blanket
*Crocheted baby sneakers (for baby Daisy)

Looking around the house:::
*Our two new rabbits are at the moment still living in the playroom ~ it's good for them to get used to the children.  Luna doesn't mind being pick up and cuddled now.  M says she loves her sooooo much!
*The dinner is half prepared
*M and W both have bedrooms that look like they have bee burgled!
*The blossom is just starting to come out on the bulluce tree outside our bedroom window.
*Outside it is wet wet wet.
*The garden still needs tidying up ~ I'm not going out until the weather gets better!

From the camera:::
This was M & W a year ago,
but it's still what they chose to to in every spare minute they have!

On my mind:::
*W has decided he wants to learn to read in English and is doing really well
*M was sad when she got on the school bus this morning ~ I hope she has had a good day
*We are waiting on Amelie (the cow) to produce a calf, we don't know when, but it could be soon
*Hoping my friend Ros is surviving her class residential trip this week
*Tomorrow is my Daddy's (and my Father-in-law's) birthday ~ I love you Daddy x


  1. Ah! I just stumbled upon your blog mama, and I LOVE it! What a sweet concept--- homemaking! You have a lot to offer and I am enjoying reading through all your posts! Glad I found you!

    Samantha {Woodland Woolens}

  2. Dear Samantha
    Thank you so much for your lovely words of encouragement. My parents have been visiting for the past 10 days so I have not had time to update the blog ~ so much has happened ~ I can't wait to get back to recording the ups and downs of our life!! First though I am going to pop over and see what is happening at "Woodland Woolens"!
    Best wishes

  3. PS Happy Homemaker Monday originated from the blog "Diary of a stay at home mom" (http://familycorner.blogspot.com) ~ she is taking a break from blogging at the moment, but I hope she returns soon. :o)


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