Days 8 & 9

The last week end of our holiday ......

Over the weekend we visited Gunwharf Quays with our friend Ros for a little shopping and to go to the cinema.  

At the cinema we saw ........ Ice Age 4 !!

On Sunday morning we eventually managed to get to the Taro Centre  to go swimming with Papa.

Sadly C and H didn't come with us this time because they had both spent the previous night at sleep-overs at friends houses, but we did see our friends Beth, Kev and Daisy in the pool. 

Sunday lunchtime we spent at the Great Oak pub with Mannie and Papa, Nana and Grandad and Grandma.  Uncle Boo Boo, Auntie Zoey and Elodie joined us too.

Sadly during lunch M became ill ............. and that was just the start!! 


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