The Olympic Torch Relay

Day 10 ~ Breakfast with friends
(Monday 16th July ~ our last day in the UK :o( )

Our last day came far too quickly.  Monday morning we got up early and made our way to Ros and Tim's house for breakfast and to see the Olympic Torch pass through Petersfield.

(Unfortunately H decided not to join us as she had been ill during the night!)   

We had to leave the car quite a way from Ros' house, but that meant we could walk across Petersfield Heath and past the lake ~ beautiful!

It didn't take long to reach Ros' house ...

.. and not long after that the procession began.....


Back in doors for bacon rolls for breakfast.

Thank you Ros and Tim for you hospitality (yet again!)  

Then it was into town for last minute shopping and back home to pack the car!


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