Week *16* 

Happy Guy Fawkes Night to everyone in the UK 
~ I hope you have all been enjoying the fireworks!

The last week has flown by and it is Monday again ~ half way through our Autumn school holiday.  We have all been suffering with coughs and colds, so haven't felt like doing very much.  We have had one trip to the library, a few hours in the garden and quite a lot of time drawing, colouring, watching films and pumpkin carving.  Oh yes ............. and one very dark Halloween night chasing one of our pigs around the garden ............ just a little bit scary!
So here's our week ahead ..........

The weather::: 

Ste. Sylvie
St. Léonard
Ste. Carine
St. Geoffroy

Right now I am:::
Sitting at the dinning room table, wrapped up warm, it's sunny but chilly outside.  I still have the last lingerings of a cold that has worn me down this week ~ I can't quite shift my chesty cough, but at least my nose has stopped running!  Lests just hope the children all stay well.

Thinking that:::
I will be glad when this afternoon is over.  Our butcher friend is here to "take" our three Glouscester Old Spot pigs.  They are 18 months old now and enormous. I know it's time for them to go but it never gets any easier. We don't even have piglets to 'grown on' in their place this year, so for the time being we will be pigless! I will not be helping this afternoon, instead I am 'hiding' in the house.

On my reading pile::: 
"Sovreign" by C.J.Sansom
M, W and I  finished the last Harry Potter book this week, we all feel a little bereft now!  I think we will start reading the Narnia series soon, but maybe something a little lighter first ........

On my TV:::
Downton Abbey (the last in the series ) ~ this was on last night, but it was quite late so we recorded it to watch tonight!!!!
Strictly Come Dancing (Saturday night family viewing)
C borrowed Batman Begins (DVD) from the library 

Lots of DVDs snuggled up with the children (it's Half Term and it's cold outside!)

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Pork with sticks (Chinese Pork with chopsticks)   ~ W is cooking tonight!
Tuesday - Pork and pineapple curry
Wednesday - Fish pie
Thursday - Lasagne
Friday -  Pasta parcels 
(pasta and film night!)
 - Cottage pie
 - Roast chicken

On my to do list:::
*Make some more pumpkin soup to freeze (I want to freeze some in mug sized portions so that the children can defrost some for themselves when thsy come home from school)
*Organise our freezers and make space for the pork that will arrive later this week
*Write a post about the November "Thanksgiving Calendar" that I made with the little ones
*Prepare my English classes for next term
*Laundry (as always) 

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::  
*Another Granny Blanket (I am so tired in the evenings at the moment, I think this is going to take me a long time!)
*I need to start thinking about homemade Christmas presents ~ last year I crocheted robins for the Grandmothers, I think I may make some for the teachers this year.

 Looking around the house:::
*It's brightened up outside after a drizzly morning 
*The Halloween decorations are all around the house
*We have pumpkins everywhere (still!)

What is everyone doing right now?:::
*M and W are watching a Harry Potter DVD
*H is tidying up her homework room (or rather she is supposed to be tidying, she is probably reading a book instead!)
*C is at work at the local holiday club
*R is outside assisting the butcher!

On my mind:::
*The pigs!!
*The cold.
*Our untidy house

I hope you all have a great week!

Today I am going to link up with other "Happy Homemakers" here at Diary of a stay at home Mom so please pop over if you want to see what others are up to this week all around the world. :o)


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