Happy Homemaker Monday *3*

Happy Homemaker Monday

A day late, I'm sorry, but it is the holidays!

The weather:::

  • Aujourd'hui
    Nuit claire
    1°C | 14°C
    UV 2
    Vent >Vent est-nord-est10 km/h
    Rafales -
    • Soirée
      (Ressentie 4°C)
      Vent Vent est-nord-est10 km/h
      Rafales -
    • Nuit
      (Ressentie 2°C)
      Vent Vent est10 km/h
      Rafales -
  • Mercredi 29
    Belles éclaircies
    2°C | 15°C
    UV 2
    Vent >Vent variable-
    Rafales -
  • Jeudi 01
    4°C | 15°C
    UV 2
    Vent >Vent sud-sud-ouest10 km/h
    Rafales -
  • Vendredi 02
    5°C | 16°C
    UV 2
    Vent >Vent variable-
    Rafales -

On my reading pile::: 
 "Snowdrops" by A.D. Miller (a birthday present from my lovely brother and sister-in-law ~ thank you)
"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" by J K Rowling (with M and W)

On my TV::: 
Foyle's War
The Mentalist
Upstairs and Downstairs

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  Pasta parcels in tomato sauce
Tuesday - Lamb chops
Wednesday - Chinese pork
Thursday -  Casserole
Friday -  Garlic pasta 
(pasta and film night!)
Saturday - Soup
 - Roast pork

On my to do list:::
Spend time with the children (it's Half Term holiday)
Still getting up at 2am to feed the lamb!
Plant some seeds.
Take the electric fencing down from the maize field.
Clear some space in the freezer.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::  
*I now have the wool to continue my Granny Square blanket
*I want to try a flower cushion (this is the pattern I want to try)

Looking around the house:::
The children are watching a DVD after exhausting themselves trampolining all morning.
R has just walked in from work and has headed straight for the kettle to make a cup of tea (he has to go back at 6pm to collect C from 'The Centre' ~ he is working all week)
The dinning room table is covered with seed packets waiting to be sorted 
Amour (the lamb) is starting to 'baa' for her next feed.

From the camera:::

On my mind:::
Three pigs, three geese and our calf are going to the butcher this week ~ it doesn't get any easier!


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