Happy Homemaker Monday

A day late, but the first of many I hope !

The weather:::

  • Aujourd'hui
    Quelques flocons
    -1°C | 2°C
    UV 1
    Vent >Vent nord10 km/h
    Rafales -
    • Après-midi
      Quelques flocons
      (Ressentie -1°C)
      Vent Vent nord10 km/h
      Rafales -
    • Soirée
      Quelques flocons
      (Ressentie -3°C)
      Vent Vent nord-nord-ouest10 km/h
      Rafales -
    • Nuit
      Quelques flocons
      (Ressentie -4°C)
      Vent Vent nord-ouest10 km/h
      Rafales -
  • Mercredi 15
    Quelques flocons
    -3°C | 3°C
    UV 1
    Vent >Vent ouest-nord-ouest10 km/h
    Rafales -
  • Jeudi 16
    -1°C | 5°C
    UV 1
    Vent >Vent nord10 km/h
    Rafales -
  • Vendredi 17
    -2°C | 5°C
    UV 1
    Vent >Vent nord-nord-est10 km/h
    Rafales -

On my reading pile:::
 "The Rose of Sebastopol" by Katherine McMahon
"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" by J K Rowling (with M and W)

On my TV::: 
Call the Midwife / CSI New York / NumBers / Law and Order

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  Pealla
easiest ever paella
Tuesday - Turkey casserole
Wednesday - Lentil and bacon soup
Thursday - Spaghetti Bolognese 
Friday - Tagliatelle carbonara 
(pasta and film night!)
Saturday - Fajitas ~ I use this recipe for the tortilla wraps
 - Roast pork (our own!)

On my to do list:::
It's too cold to do much at all!
Play a game with the children.

Clear some space so the heating engineers can reach the heaters and service them on Wednesday.
School work (as always!)

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::  
*My big granny square blanket (thank you Mummy for the wool) ~ but I have run out of blue wool and wont be able to get to the shops until the snow has gone!
*Granny square cushion cover (just the back to finish)

Looking around the house:::
Everything outside is still covered with snow (we have had snow on the ground for over two weeks now and had about 4cm of new snow last night)

The three youngest children are home from school because there was no school bus due to the snow.
R is down at the barn bringing up some more wood to split.

From the camera:::

On my mind:::
 The weather ~ When will the snow clear?  When will it start to get warmer? When will we be able to start our seed planting?
** The three baby lambs (triplets) that were born this morning (inside the barn luckily)


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