It's Wednesday ...... 
               no school ...... 
                         so what shall we do?

Play Harry Potter of course!

M and W have spent the morning playing at Hogwarts School of  Witchcraft and Wizardry!!!!!  With paint brushes for wands, feather dusters for broom sticks and even a friendly witch who is an anamagus and likes to take the form of a baby lamb!  They travelled to Platform 9 3/4  with Hedwig and a trunk filled with the oldest books they could find on our bookshelf, where they met Rita Skeeter and her 'quick quotes quill' (a goose feather collected from the garden this morning!) They have even been flying on unicorns with the girls from Beaubatton's, had tea with Hagrid in his cabin and W even sustained a somewhat dubious Quidditch injury which caused his foot to turn a "rather unusual shade of green".


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