❖Happy Homemaker Monday 2❖

Monday 16th March 2015

Hello everyone 

Where has the last week gone?  Time seems to fly by so fast......  I don't seem to have achieved a great deal over the last week, just the normal laundry duties, housework, cooking, homework, school work... We all helped M complete her art project (pictures to follow later in the week), I finished off some crochet orders and managed a little work in the garden.  After a cold and grey week it was lovely to have everyone home for the weekend to celebrate English Mother's Day together ~ I am a lucky Mummy :)

The weather outside is::::

The temperatures really dropped towards the end of last week and the weekend was really quite dull and drizzly.  I think the wet weather is going to continue throughout the week, but the temperatures are going to rise a little. Grim! :(

As I look outside my window::::

Still no daffodils in the garden or blossom on the trees.  The veg patch hasn't changed much over the last week, although we did manage to start pruning some of the fruit trees.  The chicken and ducks are in the garden.  Some of the chicken are actually in the veg patch, if they continue doing that they will not be able to stay free range in the garden and will have to go and live with the other chicken in the chicken run at the farm :(

Right now I am::::

I am watching morning  TV with W.  He is normally the first up (by about 6am) although he doesn't need to get on the school bus until 8:30am, so when everything is ready we have time to watch a few cartoons together (I love it :o) ).  We need to leave soon to get to school early today.  I take W to school in the car on a Monday morning because I go with his class to the swimming pool.   It's the last session today, infact it's W's last session with the school because the last two classes don't get the opportunity to go.  W was musing this morning about the fact that if he has to redouble* at school he will be able to continue his swimming lessons ~ I don't think there is much chance of that, so I think we might have to start visiting the local swimming pool occasionally, though it wont be long until the children can swim in our pool in the garden.
(*redouble - in France if the children don't manage too well with their school lessons they are sometimes asked/advised to redo the whole year)

My simple pleasures::::

Handmade Mother's Day cards from my biggies and littlies :)

As I look around the house::::

Much the same as this time last week :(  I managed to clean the windows, so they don't look so grimey when the sun does peep throught the clouds.  Mr. Mumkin cleaned the hob for me this week ~ love him :) ~ but the rest of the kitchen needs a good clean and tidy up.  There are two wall cabinets leaning against the wall of the dining room (still in their boxes), waiting to be constructed - they are to go in the office/workroom upstairs.  (Maybe they will make it up there this week.)  The playroom needs tidying after M's art extravaganza last week and as always at this muddy time of year the floors need a good mop.

On this week's to do list::::

Finish pruning the fruit trees and bushes in the garden
Muck spreading in the veg beds in the potager (veg patch)
Sew parsnips (didn't do it last week)
Order my wool ~ I've checked waht I have and what I need ~ I just need to place the order now :)
Finish planning my English lessons so I am not doing this every Sunday afternoon. 

Currently reading::::

 I am still reading Mrs.Miles's Diary: The Wartime Journal of a Housewife on the Homefront and We are at War: The Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times (and will be reading these two for quite a few weeks longer!)  
I am also enjoying reading my 'Patchwork and Quilting' magazines
Night time reading with M and W is 'Septimus Heap: Magyk' by Angie Sage (we did't manage to read much this week ~ we need to get back into the rhythm of schooltime)

On the TV this week::::
The Voice
Law and Order
NCIS New Orleans

On the menu this week::::

Monday - Tagliatelle (we didn't eat it last week)
Tuesday -  Fish Pie
Wednesday - Lasagne
Thursday - Chickpea Curry
Friday - Pot au feu
Saturday -  Fajitas
Sunday - Roast Pork (we didn't eat our roast pork last week, as I forgot to take it out of the freezer (!)  ~ we had to have steak and chips instead !!! )

Our plans for the week ahead::::

Monday - Swimming with W's class (am)(His last school lesson ever!)  English lessons at school (pm) Extra Activities (TAP) at school (pm) 
**Nana's Birthday**
Tuesday -  R work (am)
Wednesday - M Sports Club (pm)
Thursday - R work (am) English lessons at school (pm) Extra Activities (TAP) at school (pm)
Friday - W handball (pm)  English tutoring (pm)  
**My Daddy's and Grandad John (my father-in-law)'s birthdays**
Saturday -  Six Nations Rugby (!)
Sunday - 

What's happening in the garden this week::::

All depends on what the weather decides to do.  We did manage to pot-on our tomato seedlings last week and now have about 150 tiny baby tomato plants living in our dining room. We still need to try and sow our parsnip seeds and hopefully plant some peas (indoors).  We also need to try and catch one of our rabbits that has got out of his cage and keeps venturing into our neighbour's vegetable patch!!!  I think we will have to call him Peter rabbit from now on :)

What I am crocheting, sewing or creating at the moment::::

I have caught up with the Moogly crochet-along  2015  (I now have five 30cm squares made), but the next pattern will be published on Thursday, so I will look forward to that.
I have one more ballerina bunny to make (The pattern is from Lilleliis )
I have found another blanket I started a while ago so will do a little more work on that. 
The pattern is from Dly's Hooks and Yarns (pattern)

Favorite photo from the camera::::

Last weekend we managed to eat in the garden for the first time this year.

Thoughts, Quotes or Lessons Learned::::

It is a wonderful thing a mother
Other folks can love you
but only your mother understands
She works for you, looks after you. 
loves you and forgives you anything you may do
The only thing bad she ever does to you, 
is die and leave you.

A quote from a picture on our toilet wall when I was a child!

Happy Mother's Day to Mothers everywhere.

I hope you all have a great week!

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