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Our Crafty Week 
Making, baking, crocheting, crafting, beading, conserving .... this is what we have been doing this week. How about you?

I have quite a lot of projects on the go at the moment, so I am going to share a few photos of items I have finished this week and some of the blankets I am working on.

I finished this little ballerina for a friend last night (pattern from

This week I also made another Little Mouse (pattern from 

Sophie's Universe Crochet Along (from
Each week the pattern is published for the next few rows, it's always a suprise.  I ran out of white wool so I am a bit behind on this one.  My wool hs arrived now so this weekend I will be catching up.

Moogly crochet along (from
This is a square a fortnight crochet along W is helping me choose the colour order.  (I'm not sure about the last 'gold heavy' square, I may redo that one)

My crocheted blanket ~ I have started another blanket (while I waited for my wool order to arrive), I can't show you the pictures because it may be a present for someone, but I can show you the lovely colours I am using ... Grape, Grey, Pale Rose, Teal and Silver.

M's School Art Project ~ this week M's art homework was to make a giant leaf !  We searched the house for anything green - paper, wool, beads, fabric, plastic, straws, glitter, sequins ......

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you all have a happy crafty week.

Albert Einstein once said:
Logic will get you from A to Z.
Imagination will get you everywhere.


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