❖Happy Homemaker Monday #3❖

Monday 23th March 2015

Hello Spring 

Hello everyone and hello Spring ~ though the new season has crept upon us rather quietly, there are still on a few signs that she is here ~ a sprinkling of yellow flowers on the forsythia, buds starting appear on the hydrangea bushes around the swimming pool and at the end of the drive, the ducks and hens have started laying more frequently (omlettes and quiches at the weekend) ....... Still, the sun peeks through a little more often, the birds are chirping early in the mornings and the clocks change to Summertime this weekend.  Have a happy week everyone X

The weather outside is::::

It was very wet and windy yesterday and it's due to remain that way for the rest of the week :o(  It's chilly too, we even had a hail yesterday. Its dry at the moment, but cloudy and dull.  The poor cows will have to stay in a little longer!

As I look outside my window::::

Right now I am::::

I have just come in from feeding the animals and mucking out the cows.  I need to go and put a load in the washing machine, sweep  the floors and have a shower (I smell of cows!)  C has just phoned, which was lovely as I haven't spoken to him since last weekend.

My simple pleasures::::

A hook and some yarn ~ need I say more?

As I look around the house::::

M was busy this weekend with another art project in the playroom (she still needs to tidy up). This week she has to make a giant leaf!  Besides that nothing much has changed.

On this week's to do list::::

Painting the landing (at least starting .... or rather continuing, I actually started about 2 years ago!)
Prune the fruit trees and bushes in the garden
Continue to clear the veg beds in the potager (veg patch)
Sow parsnips
Finish tidying my bedroom (I need to set a good example to my children ~ although most of the things messing up my room are actually theirs !)
Order a few presents for H's birthday

Currently reading::::

I am still reading Mrs.Miles's Diary: The Wartime Journal of a Housewife on the Homefront and We are at War: The Diaries of Five Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times
Night time reading with M and W is 'How to train your dragon' by Cressida Cowell

On the TV this week::::
The Voice
Law and Order
NCIS New Orleans
Painting chgallenge

On the menu this week::::

Monday - Chinese pork
Tuesday -  Cottage pie
Wednesday - Fidget Pie and nettle soup
Thursday - Garlic Pasta
Friday - Turkey a la King
Saturday -  Fishcakes
Sunday - Roast Beef and Yorkshire puddings

Our plans for the week ahead::::

Monday - English lessons at school (pm) Extra Activities (TAP) at school (pm)
H has a French oral exam (am)
Tuesday -  R work (am)
Wednesday - M Sports Club (pm)
Thursday - R work (am) English lessons at school (pm) Extra Activities (TAP) at school (pm)
Friday - W handball (pm)  English tutoring (pm)  
Saturday - Handball tournament (W)
Sunday - **Clocks change**

What's happening in the garden and on the farm this week::::

Depends on the weather.  Still need to sow peas and leeks indoors.  I will continue clearing the raspberry canes if there is a break in the rain. We put some duck eggs in the incubator at the weekend and also cleared out the chicken house at the farm.  Oh ........ and we had another lamb born last week ~ a little girl for Clem.

What I am crocheting, sewing or creating at the moment::::

I have another Ballet bunny to finish.
Need to catch up on the Moogly crochet-along 
LookatwhatIhavemade 2015 'Sophie's Universe' croche-talong blanket ~ hopefuly my yarn will arrive this week and I can try to catch up.
I have a rabbit to make for a baby due this summer.
I have started another blanket with large squares and flowers (pictures soon)

Favorite photo from the camera::::

Thoughts, Quotes or Lessons Learned::::

'You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream ... ' ~ C.S.Lewis

I hope you all have a great week!

Today I am going to link up with other "Happy Homemakers" here at Diary of a stay at home Mom so please pop over if you want to see what others are up to this week all around the world. :o)


  1. Love the quote! It certainly sounds as if you have a busy week ahead. I hope it is a great one for you!


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