I did it, I did it, I did it .........

.....all by myself!!

This is the barn where the cows sleep
As you may have already seen, we have recently let our cows out into the field after spending the cold Winter months in their barn. 

Last Monday I was contemplating whether or not I was going to be able to lead them into the field by myself (R had been doing it previously).

Doucette ~ I think she sense my trepidation!
Well........ as it happened it was all a bit of a joke .....I got my nerve up and was all ready to do it...... I untied the cows and they all lined up at the door as good as gold ......... I opened the barn door and the all traipsed out in line ......... just as they left the barn the heavens opened an it poured with rain!!!  The poor cows turned immediately on their heels went straight back in the barn and refused to come out again.  I had no choice but to reattach them and wait for R to get home (at least I tried) :o(
All as good as gold!!
Since then we have been taking them out and bringing them in in the evening together (more often R than me at the moment as they come in at the same time as the children are going to bed~ this will get easier as the days get longer and the cows stay out later).

Baby Honey is growing fast.

Anyway ...... today R had to work all morning (he didn't come home!) so it was down to me, by myself, to get the cows out!!  I didn't sleep too well last night ~ I think I was a bit nervous (a lot actually!)


I did it, I did it, it did it ~ all by myself!!!!!!!!!

I'm feeling just a little bit proud of myself today :o)


  1. Thanks Boo! Hurry up and sort those passports out so you can come and visit :o) xxx

  2. We all knew you could do it!!!!! xxxx

  3. Yipppeeeeee! Well done! xx

    1. Yipppppeeeee to you too Beth and thank you for commenting. XXX

  4. Well done you - a gold star I think!! Must have been such a relief, exciting, amazing and nerve racking all at the same time? xxxx

  5. Thank you Collette ~ seems a bit silly now, we only have 3 cows ~ but they are really big! Hope you are all well. Love Emily xxxx


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