Happy Homemaker Monday *7*

Happy Homemaker Monday

It's been 2 weeks since my last post!  My parents have been visiting us and just for a change the weather was glorious!  That however is all about to change (again!).....

The weather::: 

Ste. Sandrine
St. Richard
St. Isidore
St. Irène

On my reading pile::: 
 "Angel Fire: Angel Trilogy Book 2" by L.A. Weatherly
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" by J K Rowling 
(with M and W - we have already read "HP and the Goblet of Fire")

On my TV::: 
Silent Witness
Once Upon A Time - new series on Channel 5 - R wont want to watch this but H might like to watch it with me

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -Sweet and Sour Chicken
Tuesday - Pork chops
Wednesday - Sausages and Boudin
Thursday - Spaghetti Bolognase
Friday -  Tagliatelle Carbonara
(pasta and film night!)
Saturday - Chicken Pie
 - We are going to visit Louise and William!

On my to do list:::
*Fencing for the sheep
*Seed sowing
*Rotivating the vegetable patch

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::  
*I have just finished crocheting a "Happy Flower" for my Mummy (you can find the pattern here @ Attic24) and some pretty hanging things for my mothers -in-law
*I want to start another blanket, but can't decide whether to make a Grannie blanket or a stripy blanket
*Maybe some crocheted Easter eggs (you can find a good egg pattern here)

Looking around the house:::
*The tomato seeds I sowed a few weeks ago are starting to grow
*The kitchen needs tidying
*The floor needs mopping
*The blossom has almost all gone from the bulluce tree outside our bedroom window, but the leaves are starting to sprout.
*Outside the sun is shining and this morning's wind has died down so it is now quite warm.
*Last night's bonfire is still smoking a little in the vegetable garden.

From the camera:::
Spring has sprung!

On my mind:::
*W is doing really well with his reading, but I need to find time each day to read with him
*M had a splinter today that we removed but was giving her a lot of bother
*I need to sow some seeds in the greenhouse as the polytunnel is out of action until R gets his new tractor parts next week - we are very very behind this year!
*We have fox trouble!!!!  We sadly lost all our remaining geese to a fox last week ....I hope everyone else will be safe.
*We have a new baby animal that needs to spend the day at the vets tomorrow for an operation ........ more about her later!


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