✿A week in the garden✿

✿A week in the garden✿

❊Week three❊
It has been another wet and cold week (we had below zero temperatures at the beginning of the week) some of our tomatoes in the greenhouse have not fared well :o(

A tomato damaged by the cold
We have not been able to do very much in the garden because of the rain, but I think the ground is probably too cold for ant seeds anyway.  We have spent our gardening time this week planting seeds and re-potting seedlings in the greenhouse.  
The dinning room table is the warmest place to work.

We sow our peas in toilet paper tubes and when they have grown we plant the tube too!

Peas in the greenhouse nearly ready to be planted outside.

Last year we collected lots of beans to use for seed.  

 Most things are doing well in the greenhouse, but nothing is growing very fast, everything (including me!) needs some sun and warmth.....

The brassicas are doing well, we have never grown these successfully for seed before, I normally end up buying some from a garden centre.



Brussels Sprouts (only 3 but I have sown some more)
The tomatoes grow fast (we lost some when it froze this week, but I have bought some new interesting seeds to plant).....

This year we have been forced to start our leeks in a pot (instead of directly in the ground), they are doing really well, I think I will sow some more this week.


Other seeds that are starting to sprout:

Spinich and chard

Freckles lettuce

Broad beans (just!)


Courgette (green)
My purple basil is just starting to poke through......can you spot it?

The peppers are hanging on, but there isn't enough warmth for them.

The lettuce we bought a couple of weeks ago to be planted in the potager, has all had to be planted in the greenhouse for the time being ~ it doesn't seem to mind!

These are the tyres in the potager that are ready for the lettuce once the weather and temperatures improve.

This is what we have done this week:

Saturday 14th April ~ We spent most of the morning mucking out the cows all together, then in the afternoon R worked on the tractor and I ventured into the potager (between the showers) ~ I cut some thick plastic to cover the nettled part of the potager and then used some old tyres to weigh it down (I am going to plant salad and courgettes in the tyres)  I found 4 baby peach trees that I potted up and put somewhere safe.   I also started to get the fencing ready for the peas (this will take up 1/4 of the patch)

Sunday 15th April  ~ C and H cleaned out the chicken house at the bottom of the garden  ~ it looks great now and they are a lot happier (I can tell by the way they cluck!!)  Then C and R moved some enormous tractor tyres we found at the bottom of the garden and put those in the potager  (we will be able to plant a lot of lettuce there)

Monday 16th April ~Too cold and wet to do anything in the garden

Tuesday 17th April ~  A little bit of sorting out in the greenhouse ~ removing the seedlings that were caught in last night's freezing temperatures (I should have covered them with some fleece for extra protection)

Wednesday 18th April ~ The seeds arrived today

Thursday 19th April ~ We planted climbing beans (runner beans and french beans), strawberry popping corn, courgettes (yellow and green), peas and sweet peas.  I love sweet pea flowers (they have always been my Mummy's favourite), but I have never been successful growing them ~ fingers crossed for this year!

Friday 20th April ~ At school again.  R worked on the tractor ~ it started.......just .........!

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  1. I love your greenhouse! And you have a wonderful array to baby plants coming along--that's fantastic. It will warm up eventually! (At least that's what I keep telling myself! And actually we had very warm weather here in SW Washington State this last weekend, so I can't complain.) Your cole crops look robust--well done!

    1. Thank you Anthea. The greenhouse isn't usually so full, but it is still too cold and wet here in France to plant much outside. I hope your warm weather continues, could you send some over here too please? :o)

  2. Wow! Lots going on at your house. Love your greenhouse! Look at all those beans!!

    1. Hi Holly ~ thank you! I'm very proud of my greenhouse this year. We do plant a lot of beans as they grow so well here. Have a great week.

  3. I love seeing your greenhouse and all that you have going!!! So very fun! Gives me some thoughts for mine!

  4. Looks like you've quite a bit growing despite the cool temperatures - a green house is a blessing! Love seeing all those seedlings!

  5. Emily, it's fantastic seeing your set-up there in France! So sorry the weather has been crummy for you- we had that last year and it was hard not to be discouraged. Keep your chin up. :-)

    I think your pea-planting method is interesting- using TP tubes! Do they encourage longer roots 'cause of the height? Do you have any problems planting them outside- do you tear the tubes so the roots can grow right away?

    Thanks so much for sharing with us!


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