Our newest arrival....

Our newest arrival .......... Hello Hana!

Doucette's calf Hanna was born a 10.30pm on Sunday 22nd April 2012.

Hana was very large and luckily R had gone to check on Doucette before he went to bed, as Hana was stuck!  Luckily R was able to help pull her out and everything was well! R dragged the calf around to her mothers head and  Doucette gave her a good lick (and Amelie helped too)  the new calf was able to stand up just minutes after being born!  Mother and baby are doing well, Hana is not very much smaller than our other calf Honey who was born 4 weeks ago.  (Hana is a LimousinNormande cross).

Just been born!!

Camera shy already.

Amilie congratulating her friend Doucette!

Honey taking a peep.

The two Mummy cleaning the new calf.


Trying to stand up...

I did it!

...not for long... time for a rest!

All our cows.



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