Happy Homemaker Monday **10**

Happy Homemaker Monday
Week *10* 
Our two week Spring holiday started today.  Sadly the weather hasn't improved, so no-one feels like being outside much (it's too cold), therefore I think lots of arty activities will be on the cards and maybe some baking too. :o)

The weather::: 

St. Georges
St. Fidèle
St. Marc
Ste. Alida

On my reading pile::: 
"Halo" by Alexandra Adornetto  (I've not managed to do much  reading this week)
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" by J K Rowling
"Self-sufficiency Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving" by Penny Walsh 

On my TV:::
The Voice  (!) (I don't often watch programmes like this, but the girls love singing and were quickly hooked)
Once Upon A Time  (quite enjoying this series and I think the children may too)
Silent Witness
New Season CSI

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  Turkey a la king    
Tuesday - Garlic chicken
Wednesday - Chinese pork
Thursday -
Cottage pie
Friday -  Pasta parcels
(pasta and film night!)
 - Fajitas
 - Roast lamb

On my to do list:::
*Doing things with the children (it's the holiday)
*Make sure I find time every day to listen to the children read (in English)
*Help the children tidy their bedrooms (and mine too!)
*We still need to finish the fencing for the sheep (it was too wet to do this last week)
*Continue preparing the potager 
*Sow some salad and carrots in the potager (if the weather warms up later in the week)

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::  
*I started my blanket  ~ at last (but I think I have made it a bit long, it's going to need a lot of wool) {something like this}
*Trying to teach myself to spin!
*Painting with the littlies

 Looking around the house:::
*M and W are exploring an art set W was given for his birthday ~ they are experimenting with mixing colours
*H is  was upstairs doing her homework (now she is making a hot chocolate in the kitchen)
*Bella is asleep on the sofa (she wouldn't be there if R was at home!)
*The dining room heater is whirring round
*Outside it is raining again!

From the camera:::

M trying to incubate some eggs herself!!

On my mind:::
*C is working at the children's centre all week ~ I hope he works hard
*R is not well, he has had trouble with his back and now is suffering greatly with sciatica (he has made a doctor's appointment for tonight so it must be bad!  He still insists on going to work though)
*I hope my Mummy and Daddy aren't  too tired (I miss them x)
*The potager.......
*The weather (as always) I hope it improves for the rest of the holiday

Today I am going to link up with other "Happy Homemakers" here at Diary of a stay at home Mom so please pop over if you want to see what others are up to this week all around the world. :o)


  1. this is a beautiful post! your menu looks amazing and your picture is just the sweetest :)You have inspired me to paint with my littles this week, too!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments ~ I hope you have a great week <3


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