✿A week in the garden✿

✿A week in the garden✿ 

Storms on the horizon ~ again!

 ✿A week in the garden✿

To be quite honest I haven't done very much in the garden this week ~ it has rained continually all week (not good for the children's holiday) and poor R has been in bed all week with a bad case of sciatica (not good for him or us or progress with the tractor!)

The polytunnel looks just the same :o(

No change..
We have resorted to putting up some temporary tables in the polytunnel as the greenhouse is full.

Courgettes, chard, corn, kale, pak choi....

Temporary tables....

 We have planted lots of beans.  When we move these to their growing positions we will pop some more seeds straight in the ground along side the plants.

Peas, mange tout, sweet peas and beans.

I have planted a small tray of rainbow chard.   I usually sow it straight into it's growing position and we have never been very successful, but this year it has to be in a tray ~ maybe this year we will mange to grow some beautiful multicoloured chard!

The rainbow chard is just starting to grow

This is a pot of mystery seeds that I found spilled on the table!  We planted them anyway....... I think they maybe rocket.

A mystery pot!

These strawberry plants are growing "wild" in the tunnel.  When the weather improves I am going to transplant them to a new strawberry bed in the vegetable patch.

This is what we have done this week:

Saturday 21st April ~ We planted celeriac and (more) climbing beans ~ Scarlet Emperors. White Lady, Enorma, French climbing beans, Borlottis, Yellow flat beans, Violetta ....

Sunday 22nd April  ~ We planted Purple corn (Blue Hopi) (We had a calf born)

Monday 23rd April ~ We planted "special" tomatoes ~ Tumbling Tims, Tiny Toms, White cherry tomatoes, Mortgage Lifters, Tigerella, Black Truffle

Tuesday 24th April ~ The children helped me to take everything (except the tomatoes that we left in the kitchen for some extra warmth) down to the polytunnel.

Wednesday 25th April ~ rain all day

Thursday 26th April ~ rain all day

Friday 27th April ~ we sorted out some strawberry plants that we had removed from the tunnel last year before the pigs took up residence.  We re-potted them, I think some of them will survive (next year we will need to buy some more).

Quite a sad week in and out of the garden!  Let's hope next week brings better weather and better health for us all .....

Blossom on our quince tree

One lone camellia flower that survived the late frost and snow!

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