✿A week in the garden✿

✿A week in the garden✿

❊Week two❊
This is a photo of the lime tree outside my bedroom window, it's just coming out in leaf and for me that is a sure sign that Spring is on it's way.

I have been watching the leaves slowly unfurl all week.  R brings me a cup of hot chocolate every morning before he leaves for work and I always try to open the the curtains and the window to let the early morning in.  This last week, however, has been very wet and quite chilly so the window has only been open a crack!

The view from our bedroom

It has been a rather depressing week in the garden.  We were lucky enough to have dry weather for the Easter weekend and a wonderful egg hunt in the woods around our friends' house (thank you Lou and Will), but since then it has rained every day.........so there has been no digging or planting in the potager as I had hoped .........  the tractor parts still have not arrived (R suspects they are coming by donkey as he was only charged £4 postage!) ....... so there has been no ploughing in the polytunnel (the ideal place to work during the early wet Spring days) .......... and on top of that there is no more space in the greenhouse to keep seeds planted in pots ........ rather depressing alround!! :o(

However, the rain clouds did have a silver lining and yesterday afternoon (after raining all  morning) they cleared and let the sun shine through (they were back this morning and we even had a mild frost, cold enough to have to scrape the car windscreens this morning).  I dragged R outside to help, after managing to maneuver the rotivator into the garden but not managing to start it!  It's a bit of a beast and I'm just not big enough!  So together we spent the afternoon rotivating and strimming!

The beast!
R gets it going! (I'm not allowed to post a picture of him!)
It's a start and the soil is good!
Bella helping out

The potager is now half rotivated and R hopes to finish the rest this weekend (he's out there now, I hope he is mindful of his back, it has been giving him trouble lately) we will then at least be able to get some peas planted ~ the pea sticks are ready and waiting, my daddy got collected these when the boys "pruned" another lime tree in the garden.

I learned how to use the strimmer! Wow it is powerful!  Most of the nettles in and around the potager are no more (for the moment, they do have terrible habit of returning again and again just where you don't want them!)
This is me looking very glamorous!
Look what I found hidden in the nettles...
A little blueberry bush we thought we had lost...

and it even has flowers on it!

We are still debating whether or not to plant anything else straight away ~ we should, we are very late and we have been waiting for the potager to be ready for soooooooo long ~ but now they are forecasting subzero temperatures for next week, I think maybe as we have waited this long another week wont matter too much ....... ho hum........ decisions, decisions!

 This is what we have done this week:

Saturday 7th April ~ We spent most of the morning checking the cows' field so that we could let them out after their winter inside.

Sunday 8th April  ~ We were out all day celebrating Easter and hunting for chocolate eggs in the woods.  Lou's polytunnel and seed trays loot great!  She's always more organised than me!

Monday 9th April ~ Bank Holiday ~ spent at home with the children.  Too rainy to do much outside.  R made some marmalade (I will write a post about this later).

Tuesday 10th April ~ I planted butternut squash, pumkins, rainbow chard (I've tried this before and it wasn't successful so fingers crossed!) pak choi, Chinese leaf cabbage, rocket, kale(W's favorite), purple sprouting broccoli, beetroot, swede and more sprouts (the last ones didn't grow!)  I also have one mystery pot of seeds I found on the table, I had obviously spilled them from some packet or other!  These are all on a table in the polytunnel - we must not forget to water them!!

Wednesday 11th April ~ We planted peppers, aubergines and chilis in the heated propagators on the kitchen windowsill.  R is very fond of  chilis, he puts them on everything so we planted lots of different varieties.  We also placed a seed order on ebay so I look forward to those arriving especially the white tomatoes and the pink popping corn!

Thursday 12th April ~ Rotivating and strimming in the potager (at last)

Friday 13th April ~ I've been at school this morning and I'm just about to go back to go orienteering with M's class, so have done nothing in the garden today (apart from watering the plants in the greenhouse), but R has been rotivating for the past hour so I bet the potager looks good!

I have some great photos of the polytunnel that M and W and I took the other day.  We went "looking for life in the desert" that is our tunnel - it was amazing what has had the strength to push through and start growing all by itself!  I will try to find time to post these over the weekend.  :o)


  1. Dropping by from Ginny's to see everyone's gardens. Our cherry trees are just coming into bloom -- so lovely! Happy gardening! ~Lisa

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your comment. I popped over to your blog yesterday ~ your garden looks great! I showed my children the photos of your family all helping out, I think you inspired them, we had a lovely day in the garden all together. I hope you have a great week. Emily

    2. Nothing like spending time, working together with our children!

  2. What a nice find, that blueberry bush! Here's hoping for some warmer, dry weather for your gardening!

    1. Hi Joy ~ thank you so much for commenting! I hope the weather is kind to you too! Happy gardening. Emily
      PS I love your idea if using stones for plant makers I think we will try that this year.


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