Hop little bunny hop, hop, hop.......

Hop little bunny hop, hop, hop.......

Out and about on the farmette.

This week I had hoped to write about our first baby bunnies to be born this year... 

We have decided that we are going to breed some rabbits for their meat.  The children all eat rabbit meat at school and love it.  I haver never cooked it at home before (rabbits have always been pets in our house!)  Grandma once cooked a rabbit pie when she came to stay and I had to pretend to eat it!!  

This is Chocolate Bunnie ~ the old Daddy

However, since we have started eating the meat from our own pigs and cows it seems a natural progression to move towards 'growing' our own rabbit meat (rabbits are much easier to care for and cheaper to grow ~ the children can take charge of most of the care themselves).

The children have their own rabbits (that we will not be consuming!!) who will help us 'make' the babies and then when they are old enough to leave their Mummy we will house them away from the house (up near the cows' barn) so that the children will not get attached to them! 
This is Luna

This is Tonx
We were expecting our first litter of baby rabbits this weekend, but despite visiting the buck over a month ago it seems that Tonx did not conceive.  It is very possible that she was a little young.  A farmer friend of ours gave the children two rabbits (now named Tonx and Luna ~ note the Harry Potter connection, I think they are obsessed!)  He wasn't sure exactly when they were born, but he told us that the brown one (Tonx) was ready to go with a buck, maybe it was a little too soon...

Needless to say Tonx is off on another little 'holiday' with Chocolate Button to try again!  

Tonx visiting the house of Chocolate Bunny!

Please keep your fingers crossed for success this time!! 

(Photos by M our resident rabbit carer)


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