✿Une semaine dans le jardin ✿

✿Une semaine dans le jardin ✿
My Daddy in the potager last week.
❊Week one❊

Well it's actually about three weeks since I planted my first seeds this year, but it's week one of recording my gardening journey 2012.

We are very very very late this year with all our preparation and planting.  

The polytunnel that had the pigs living in it over the winter has not even been ploughed yet!! We thought keeping the pigs in there would clear the weeds (a job I always loath at the beginning of the growing season) as well as fertilising the soil ~ but our butcher has been unwell so they ended up staying a lot longer than we ever anticipated and now the tractor is broken and the soil is too well fertilised for our manual rotivator to cope with ........... help!!

Our friendly mechanic took one look at the tractor and told R that due to the fact it was so ancient, it would probably be impossible to find the parts he needed ....... help again!!

.... and we need the tractor for the vegetable patch (le potager) too ......... I think you can see our predicament by now ..............

Getting ready for a bonfire

The potager looking very bare.
Bella trying to help!

Anyway ...... deep breath ....... and relax ......... R found someone in the UK who could source the broken tractor parts and post them to us in France .... hooray!!.......Mum tidied the greenhouse for me (thank you Mummy!!) and I have sown as much as I can in seed trays and pots ready for transplantation when the soil situation improves (I've run out of space for pots and trays now so I hope the parts turn up soon!)   We have also used this time when we are usually franticallly planting up the tunnel to clear hedgerows and banks that normally get neglected.  Hopefully all is not lost, it is only April (gulp!!)
Sprout seedlings looking rather leggy!

The greenhouse.

Baby cucumber plants in the greenhouse.

 This is what we have done this week:

Friday 30th March ~ Mummy cleared and tidied the greenhouse for us (thank you Mummy!)

Saturday  31st  March  ~ We went to the garden centre to buy some lettuce, tomato and chili plants, but they were sooooooooooo expensive we came home with two trays of twelve lettuce that were on promotion and that's all!

Sunday 1st April ~ We had a bonfire in the potager to clear all the debris from last year, the ash should help the soil too.  It was fun using the bonfire to toast marshmallows as well.

Monday 2nd April ~ I planted sweetcorn, chard, spinach, broad beans and courgette in the greenhouse

Tuesday 3rd April ~ I planted more broad beans, peas, purple basil and half the lettuce from the garden centre (the other half are for the potager)

Wednesday 4th April ~ Millie helped me pot on some tomato and sprout seedlings

Thursday 5th April ~ I potted on some more tomatoes  and planted some lettuce seeds (we eat a lot of lettuce in our house!)


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