:: Friday Photo Frenzy ~ by H ::

H is our Number 2 child (2nd born, not 2nd best!!) she is 14 years young.  This week she has been taking lots of photos and these are her favourites .......

Branch in a storm

The storm is upon us !

Roses are red this flower is blue

Hoods up!

Concentration is the key

The blossoms are blooming

The world of a fairy

 I'm dog tired

Art is timeless

Life in a mirror

Orange blur

A sitting duck

This love could go up in dust

Incy wincy spider climes up the water spout

Tidal wave

Which is your favourite?


  1. I love the photos of Murray the cat stalking M - she looks like a puma!!!!

    Good photography H - looking forward to seeing some more!


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