Well Hello Dolly!!

Out and About on the farmette!

Meet our sheep

This is Bertie our ram

This is Ava the grande dame ~ she had triplets this year

This is Clementine (Clem for short).

This is Gracie we adopted her from a friend who hand reared her.

Ivy is our youngest ewe.

This where the sheep lived over the winter:

(The shadow makes it look like a witch is taking the photo!)

It is joined to the back of the cows' barn.  They have been inside since our first lamb arrived at the end of January, just before the snow.  

Ava inside with her new lambs.

You can just see Amour snuggled in the hay ~ we still miss her!

They have been desperate to be outside and this week we eventually finished the fencing in their new field.
This our neighbour Daniel telling R how it should be done!
The sheep were all very happy to be outside at last.

We sadly lost a ewe (Anna) this winter she was our first ewe so it was probably her time to go, but it's never easy :o( 
We now have one ram, four ewes and five lambs.

We hope to be able to buy a couple of ewe lambs from a friend this year to increase our flock ~ I will keep you posted!

No one messes with Bertie Boy!

Next week chicken ~ big and small! 


  1. Gosh, this is amazing. I had no idea you were keeping a flock of sheep (is that the right way of saying it??!!) What do you intend to do with them? Are they to eat? Wool? Loving this blog x

    1. Hello again Jules
      We moved to France because my hubby had always wanted to farm, but we just could not afford to do this in the south of England where we lived. The lambs are for eating (I am managing to come to terms with this now ~ just!) but I would love to do something with the wool too. Last year the children and I tried felting some just for fun, but I am keeping an eye on ebay for an affordable spinning wheel... :o)
      Lots of love
      Emily xx


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