Muddy Puddles

It's Wednesday ...... 
               no school ...... 
                         so what shall we do?

Let's be Peppa and George and jump in muddy puddles!!

I'm ready to splash!

Can you find a puddle?

It has rained this week for the first time in a long time.....

If we were still in the UK we would probably have stayed indoor and kept warm and dry, but these days the little ones don't seem to be happy unless they are outdoors. 

On the way back from feeding the cows this morning, M and W found a puddle at the bottom of the drive.  Not a very big puddle, but a puddle none the less and for two waterbabies who can't even have a bath at the moment (because it is leaky and has not hot water too it!)  the lure of a puddle was just too great!   
(I feel I must point out that we do have a shower, so the children can keep clean but apparently it's no way near as much fun!!) 


In our previous life we would never have done this ........... 

Well.......we might have, but only if we were wearing our wellies, water proof trousers and wet weather coats ......... and we would have made sure it was a very clean puddle.  

Look Mummy I can even to it backwards!
 I certainly would not have answered their pleas with encouragement such as, "Yes, go on, of course you can, make as much mess as you like....." Even the children were a little shocked, feeling they had to check whether they were hearing correctly (though they didn't wait for long, in case I changed my mind!)

Apparently a long run up is what you really need!
I did say it was a very little puddle!

Back in the UK we were always in such a hurry to get to our next appointment/club/lesson that we didn't have time to stop and get dirty!  


Though I often feel guilty that M and W have not had the opportunities that C and H had, to go to dance class, drama club, cricket club or swimming lessons (this list could be very very much longer!)  I am so pleased we now have a life where we can stop when we want to, we can get dirty without worrying and and we can be outside far more often than we every were before.  

I believe the life we now share is happier and healthier than it was before, we believe it is the best life we can give our children (I hope they believe that too!).


  1. So lovely - this reminds me of the scene from the Vicar of Dibley! Such fun and I love the fact that you stopped and they had fun... great ...

    1. That's exactly what my eldest daughter said when I showed her the pictures! xx


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