Mother Nature is amazing!

It's Wednesday ...... 
               no school ...... 
                         so what shall we do?

Not very much really ...... 
We had intended to work on the polytunnel today,  but as it has been cold and drizzly for most of the day, none of us felt like working outside.  C was at lycée (college) this morning and then worked at the local play-scheme this afternoon, H was at college (secondary school) this morning and then at sports club this afternoon (handball and basketball today) and the little two spent the day drawing and watching the television (!)  I spent some time making jam and then tried out a new recipe for gooey chocolate brownies (very yummy).

The following photos are from earlier this week when the littlies and me went searching for plant life in the polytunnel.

This our polytunnel
At this time of year our polytunnel is normally starting to fill up with little seedlings and rows of planted seeds.

Last year in May
 As you may already know this year our polytunnel is lying empty......   

Our Polytunnel April 2012!!
 Having let the pigs live inside the tunnel throughout the winter and then the tractor breaking down, we haven't even been able to plough the soil.  Hopefully it will be mended soon.

The soil is very dry and very very hard!
 Last week M and W and I went searching for 'life in the tunnel', to see if we could find anything growing (apart from the weeds that are encroaching from the sides).  

This is what we found........

Spinach or chard

Baby walnut trees - probably buried by a mouse

Curly Kale ~ we had to stop W trying to eat this!

There are several courgette plants dotted about

Strawberry plants in flower!

Several sunflowers

Perpetual sweetpeas (thank you Grandma)

Fennel that R buried in a corner because we didn't know what to do with it!

 There are also numerous tomatoes popping up all over the place.

We were amazed at what we found pushing up through the hard dry earth ~ Mother Nature is amazing!


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