✿A few weeks in the garden✿

✿A few weeks in the garden✿

✿A week in the garden ~ weeks 5 and 6✿

So much has happened in the garden over the last few weeks.  The most important news is that the tractor is working again ~ well done R!!!!!!!  The polytunnel has now been cultivated and we have started planting and sowing in the vegetable patch ......... things are moving at last!

This is our lovely old tractor ~ a Ferguson TEF20 ~ a "Little Grey Fergie"

.... and this is the cultivator .....
.... it's very old but it works well.

Ready to go!!

The ground was so dry, it got rather dusty!
R is a happy man!
One half done.
** Lovely **
That night it made a good place to keep the seedlings ~ they were getting eaten on the floor.
After a second day ~ all done!
Seedlings safe again.
The soil is looking soooo much better.
The cultivator has worked quite well.
These are the sunflowers I saved.  They are looking a bit droopy, but they are happier now I have planted them in the garden.

The Vegetable Patch ~

The tyres we have planted with radish and salad leaves.  The large tractor tyres will have carrots in them.
Our new strawberry patch with the peas behind.
Look what we found......
....... they are quite a few flowers too.
The peas that we started in the greenhouse.
Celery that we bought at the flower market.
,,,,,, celeriac too.
Broad beans.
Cabbages ~ under netting to try and protect them from the chicken.
Cauliflower and broccoli.
Potatoes have started to come up.
Runner beans waiting for their poles.
Our new cold frame
Courgettes, tomatoes, broccoli, sweetcorn, beetroot and sweet peas.

This is what we have done in the last few weeks:

 Sunday 29th April  ~  Still raining.  A little bit of weeding between the showers.  Our doe rabbit 'Tonx' went for a little holiday with our buck 'Chocolate Bunny' ~ in 31 days we will hopefully have some new additions to the household.

Monday 30th April~ Our special tomatoes have started to come up.

Tuesday 1st May~ R sowed some cumin and coriander in a tray in the greenhouse (a first for us). We planted lavender and daisy plants in the border outside the front door.Prepared the bins and poles outside the front door ready to plant runner beans.  Cleaned out the rabbit hutches and put the manure in the tyres in the vegetable patch.

Wednesday 2nd May~ Sowed radish and lettuce in the small tyres in the vegetable patch. Potted on the chilies from the propagator and put them in the greenhouse.  Sowed new 'special' chilies and cucumbers in the propagator in the kitchen.

 Thursday 3rd May ~ Started hardening off peas, cabbage and cauliflowers from the greenhouse.  Stared watering the polytunnel - it is very dry!

 Friday4th May ~ Transplanted 30 strawberry plants and 2 courgettes from the polytunnel to the vegetable patch.  Constructed a small cold frame for the vegetable patch.

Saturday 5th May~ Marche aux fleures at our local town.  We bought 2 Black Zebra tomato plants, 2 Lime Tomato plants, 6 celery, 4 celeriac, 4 cucumber and 12 lettuce.


 Sunday 6th May ~  We planted 3 celery plants, 2 celeriac plants and 12 lettuce plants under a cloche in the vegetable patch (in the rain!)  Transplanted 15 tomato tiny plants and 15 courgette plants from the polytunnel.

Monday 7th May~  ****** The tractor is working again ******** Well done hubby!!
Moved the peas from the polytunnel to the coldframe in the vegetable garden and the broad beans from the greenhouse to hardening off frame with night time protection.

Tuesday 8th May~ Bank Holiday and it's raining!

Wednesday 9th May~ R started cultivating the polytunnel with the tractor.  I saved 6 sunflowers from the polytunnel and planted them in the garden.

 Thursday 10th May ~ R cultivated some more.  Planted some sweet pea plants in a pot outside the front door.  Planted two rows of peas in the vegetable patch.  Very HOT 27*

 Friday 11th April ~ Planted 3 rows of broad bean plants, a row of cauliflower plants (All year round) and 2 rows of cabbage plants (Coeur de beouf and ?) and sowed 2 rows of French beans.  Very hot again - stormy night.

Saturday 12th May~ R finished cultivating the polytunnel.

 Sunday 13th May ~  Started weeding the edges of the polytunnel.  Watered the polytunnel some more with the internal sprinklers.  Moved the rest of the plants from the polytunnel tables to the greenhouse or cold frame in the vegetable patch. (Hot and windy)

The new lavender plants outside my front door.
Thank you lovely friends Lou and Will. :o)

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  1. Wow! Love that polytube! I'm hoping we can build a small green house later this fall to try to keep lettuce growing year round (love fresh lettuce!). Visiting from Ginny's :)


    1. Thank you Lisa. The tunnel is great especially for tomatoes and chilies, but I want to get better this year at growing more Winter vegetables ~ we love lettuce too! :o)


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