Happy Homemaker Monday *11*

Happy Homemaker Monday
Week *11* 

It's been a wet wet wet week ~ very sad as the children have been at home on holiday and haven't been able to go outside very much and nothing has got done in the garden either!  It is supposed to get warmer and drier next week (fingers crossed).

The weather::: 

St. Georges
St. Fidèle
St. Marc
Ste. Alida

On my reading pile::: 
"Halo" by Alexandra Adornetto  (I've not managed to do much  reading this week)
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" by J K Rowling
"The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency" by John Seymour 
"How to grow food in your Polytunnel" by Mark Gatter and Andy McKee

On my TV:::
The Voice  (!) (We some how managed to fail to record this last week ~ they were so upset!!)
Once Upon A Time  
New Season CSI

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  Spaghetti Bolognese     
Tuesday - Pork chops
Wednesday - Paella
Thursday -
Cottage pie
Friday -  Nettle Pasta (maybe)
(pasta and film night!)
 - Steak and chips
 - Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings

On my to do list:::
*Doing things with the children (it's the holiday) 
*Finish the movable chicken house for the new mummy hen and her babies
*We still need to finish the fencing for the sheep (I don't think this will happen until R's back is better)
*Sow some salad and leeks in pots ~ maybe some radish too
*Laundry (not so easy when it is wet!)

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::  
*I have started another blanket (!) small granny type squares (less wool, more quickly done!)
*Trying to teach myself to spin!
*I have abandoned my stripy blanket, it was too wide and I didn't have enough wool (!) I am going to give it a nice frilly boarder and M says she would like to have it as a scarf!

 Looking around the house:::
*It's late evening so the children are all in bed ~ C&H are reading (H with her new Kindle!) and M&W are listening to stories on CD
*R is watching TV and eating toast for tea!
*We have a duckling and a chick under an infra-red lamp in the dinning room ~ they seem to be getting on very well.
*All our seeds are piled up on the playroom table waiting to be planted in the good weather.
*Outside it is raining again!
From the camera:::

H's Kindle arrived last week and she has been glued to it ever since!

On my mind:::
*The weather (as always!)
*R is still not well, he has been to the doctor and the osteopath, but is still in a lot of pain :o(
*The Landrover has broken down (something quite important fell off!!)
*We have lots of baby animals about ~ they are always something to worry about
*The potager.......

Today I am going to link up with other "Happy Homemakers" here at Diary of a stay at home Mom so please pop over if you want to see what others are up to this week all around the world. :o)


  1. Love the pic, how cute :)

    Your menu sounds great, lots of good stuff on there.

    Hope your husband is feeling better :)


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