❀❀❀❀ Marché aux fleurs ❀❀❀❀

Last Saturday there was a marché aux fleurs (flower market) at our local town ........

It wasn't very big, but some of the parents were selling plants to raise funds for our school.

We bought some celery plants, some celeriac plants and some cucumber and lettuce plants.  I wish I had bought some pepper plants as ours really aren't growing very well!

W bought a cucumber and two tomato plants ~ a cherry tomato and a 'Coeur de boeuf' (cow's heart) ~ he asked them for a plant that sold the biggest tomatoes possible!

M bought two tomato plants 
~ a Black Zebra and a Lime Green!

Guess who was left holding the flowers again!!!!!

He doesn't look very happy does he?!


  1. What a lovely market and your photos captured the colors of all of the flowers so beautifully. Enjoy all of your treasures! ox


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