:: Friday Photo Frenzy ::

:: Friday Photo Frenzy ~ by W ::

W is our youngest child (I am no longer allowed to call him my baby, though I tell him he always will be!) he is 6 years old.  This week he has been taking lots of photos and these are his favourites .......

I love Harry Potter so much!
I like the garden and the table for eating outside.

Tonx ~ she's going to have a baby soon.

Luna ~ I like her because she's my favourite colour.

Just because it's walking in a nice way. 
They are all going over to the ducks' swimming pool.

I love my hula hoops.

I love his back tail feathers.

We have just been in the bluebell wood today ~ I love my new stick.

I love playing Uno ~ I am the KING of Uno!

I love my cactus because it's spiky. 
I love my new duck and the chicks. 

I love my art wall because it is beautiful.

I made this at school it has loads of different funny shapes.

I love my well in the garden.

I love the trees all around ~ I love that they are all green.


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