Saving energy by filling the oven ~ dinner last night.

Spanish pork and olives

A little while ago my mother told me how her mother (my grandmother) would never put the oven on unless she had enough to fill it.  If she was cooking a joint of meat she would also cook a pudding or a casserole. This made us stop and think about the number of times we use our oven half full.......

Since then we have tried to fill our oven each time we use it.  This means that each Sunday when we cook our roast dinner (an English Sunday tradition that my husband likes to uphold!) we try to cook either a hot pudding or another joint of meat to use later in the week.

This Sunday we had roast pork and I cooked a second joint of pork at the same time.  So yesterday I had to find a recipe using pork.

Normally I make a Chinese pork recipe (W's favourite he calls it 'pork with sticks' as we often use chop sticks) it's very quick and easy, but it's not a very healthy recipe (it uses a lot of ketchup!!)

This is what I found, I thought the children would moan, but everyone ate everything ..... it was delicious!

Spanish pork and olives by Delia Smith....

The recipe is here: Spanish pork and olives

 Spanish Braised Pork with Potatoes and Olives


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