✿A week in the garden✿

✿A week in the garden✿

✿A week in the garden ~ week 7✿

Last week the weather was better and things started to get moving in the garden.  In fact most days it was too hot to be in the polytunnel during the day (!) We will have to take the ends off and get some air circulating.  At least it was dry enough to get somethings planted in the vegetable patch (better late than never!)

It doesn't look much now, but one day this will be parsnips and leeks!
The bean sticks are starting to go up.

Don't you just love it when the first thing they do when they get off the school bus is go and see what is going on in the vegetable patch!  Of course W had to stop and pick up his football first!

Bela came for a look too.
W was a bit upset there was nothing to eat yet!

The rhododendrons are looking beautiful...

I have actually managed to plant some sweet peas this year.

M and I found a garden arch that had been sat in it's box in the garage since we moved here ~ she helped me construct it and it is now at the entrance to the vegetable patch.  I hope to train a rose over it and maybe some sweet peas too.

 Sunday 13th May ~  Started weeding the edges of the polytunnel.  Watered the polytunnel some more with the internal sprinklers.  Moved the rest of the plants from the polytunnel tables to the greenhouse or cold frame in the vegetable patch. (Hot and windy)

Monday14th May ~  Still sprinkling in the polytunnel.  Planted and netted 18 broccoli seedlings in the vegetable patch.  Sowed in the vegetable patch: 1 row of orange carrots (Early Nantes), 1 row of white carrots (Millie's), 1 row and 1 tyre of beetroot (Boltardy), 1 row of Curly Kale and 1 row of  Chou Forrager. (Sunny and hot)

Tuesday 15th May ~ Sowed in the vegetable patch: 3 rows of parsnips (Gladiator) and 2 rows of broccoli (Purple Sprouting).  M and W sowed in tyres: radish and spicy salad. (Nigh-time showers)

Wednesday 16th May ~ Sowed a pot of leeks and put it in the greenhouse.  Cleared a few more weeds for the edge of the polytunnel.  Measured and marked (with baler twine) a path down the middle of the polytunnel.  Put up 2 rows of bean poles in the vegetable patch.

 Thursday 17th May ~ Bank Holiday.   Finished fencing a new field for the sheep.  H and C helped me cut the grass in the garden with the hand mower - just as we had finished hubby R announced that he had mended the tractor mower!! (Hot)

 Friday 18th April ~ M and I constructed an arch for the entrance to the vegetable garden.
Put up some more bean poles in the vegetable garden.  Started clearing nettles from around the fruit bushes.

Saturday 19th May ~ Cleared weeds and nettles from the edges of the vegetable patch (not finished yet!)  (Hot afternoon).

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