A Monday morning in Petersfield ........

Day 3 of our summer holiday ~ Monday 9th July

We knew that after our journey from France and the BBQ the next day we would all be exhausted.  Of course it doesn't help that W never seems to be able to adjust to the hours time difference and what ever time he goes to bed he is still up at 5.30am the next morning!

With this in mind we had nothing scheduled for Monday morning except a walk around town and a hot chocolate with all the trimmings in a midtown cafe!! (Something we never get to indulge in when we are at home).

This is Petersfield, the town I grew up in, the town my husband was born in and had lived in continuously until we left for France 6 years ago.  It is a beautiful market town in the south of England.

We spent the day walking around the town with my parents.  Trawled the charity shops and bought lots of books ~ W bought himself a secondhand pogostick!

Then we went for lunch here (thank you Mannie and Papa)....

The Great Oak Petersfield
In great old English tradition we and fish and chips!!

Fish and chips ~ traditionally English!
Then we went back into the town centre for our long awaited, much talked about, "hot chocolates in a cafe" !!

A cafe in the centre of town where enormous hot chocolates were enjoyed by all!!

Where we live in France we don't have town centres like Petersfield, so it was lovely for the children to experience a 'day in town'.  We visited the library, health shop, fabric shop and a book shop (H was able to buy the latest addition to her collection of Cherub books by Robert Muchamore).  We even managed to squeeze in a visit to the '99p Shop'!!

The day was rounded off wonderfully for me by a trip to the theatre (something else I never manage to do in France).  We went to Chichester Festival Theatre (a wonderful theatre in the round that we used to visit when I was a child).

Chichester Festival Theatre

We say a play by Bernard Shaw named 'Heartbreak House'.  You can read all about it here ~

Heartbreak House

Thank you to my lovely Mummy for organising the evening and for inviting me.  Thank you to my lovely lovely friend for coming with us and offering to drive. x


  1. Oh what a lovely day! We are originally from Farnham, so close :) x


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