Two weeks ago today (Saturday) .........

Two weeks ago today ......... 
........we were travelling to the UK.

On Saturday 6th July 2012  left home at 8am and traveled up through France to catch the 5.30pm ferry boat from Le Havre.  Just me and the four children, R had to stay in France to look after the animals.

It was a dull wet day, but the journey was smooth and straightforwards.  The children were great.

Travelling north (as we were) the roads were mainly clear, unlike the roads traveling south that were blocked with traffic jams for miles and miles.  It was the first weekend of the French school holidays and everyone else was heading for the sun.

We were on our way to the UK for our yearly holiday ...... to visit family and friends, do a little bit of sightseeing, a big bit of shopping and to swim in the sea!!

We reached the port at 2pm, but then had a 3 1/2 hour wait for the ferry to leave .......

Once we were on board there was not much else for the children to do but plug themselves into their DVD players.....

Luckily M had packed other things to do...

I soon gave in an hired a cabin.

W was very excited

M on the top bunk.

W decided he would get ready for bed (it was only 3pm)!!

After a while we decided to take a look on deck (H decided she didn't need any fresh air!!)

M and W spent the rest of the journey running around the top deck in the drizzle.  Even H made it outside to see the Isle of Wight and the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

We reached my parents house soon after 10.00pm ...............14 hours after leaving home.


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