London (part 1)

Day 7 of our holiday .........
Friday 13th July 2012

We were up early and ready to go on Friday for our trip to London.  Last year we visited the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, this year C and H had asked if we could visit the Imperial War Museum.  So off we went to catch the train .........

Part one of our day in London ~ The Imperial War Museum

All ready?  Not quite, one missing .......

Mr Brown doing the head count!! Once a teacher, always a teacher!!
The Imperial War Museum London

M and W using the interactive touch screens!
W testing the bunks in an air raid shelter.
Papa telling M what it was really like.

Make do and mend!

Papa and C clocking in for work!!

Waiting for C and H who were visiting the Holocaust exhibition  (M and W were too young)

Still waiting......

Planes inside the museum

I would have like to buy this poster for Rich!

We used to have this poster on our wall when we were children.

W taking a photo of me .....
and another try ......

One last try ...... just about!!

H in the trenches

M in the trenches

Outside we found part of the Berlin Wall

Papa doing his teacher bit again!
C and H were pleased to have visited the museum and I think it brought back many memories for Papa,  but it would have been better for the little ones if there were a few more interactive displays to bring the history to life. The Imperial War Museum is not my favourite London museum by far, but I am glad we took the children as it is so important that they learn about the history of these sad times both in France and the UK.

Next we made our way towards the River Thames.  We had not bought travel cards this time so could not use the tube or the buses, so we walked instead ........... in the rain!!

London Part 2 tomorrow, will include our trip to "the paintings museum"!


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