London (part 2)

After visiting the Imperial War Museum, we walked (in the rain!) to the river Thames.  

We didn't really have anything else planned for the day, we had decided to leave the decision until we knew what the weather was going to be like (we would have like to take a trip on the London Eye but there was not much point in doing that if it was cloudy and rainy). 

As it was pouring with rain we decided to make our way to the Tate Modern (none of the children had ever been there before)

On the way we saw The Millennium Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral

We also stopped to look at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Then we arrived at the Tate Modern.

One of M's favourite exhibits 

C and Papa examining an interesting white mark on the wall!

Another of M's favourites

W contemplating ........

Interesting ......

....... it was actually made from sheep's poo!!

One of C's favourites

One of H's favourites

A shoe made from metal wire (W remembered that one)

One of H's favourite ~ books!

There was a great view from the balcony

We thought we could do something like this at home

W getting tired!

M and W having a deep discussion about a painting!

M being a painting!!

Time to go.....

There were two major exhibitions on, taking up two of the floors, so there were not as many really enormous paintings that I remembered from my last trip, but what we saw prompted lots of interesting discussion between the children.  

Next year we want to visit The National Gallery !!


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