Day 5 ~ the seaside......
Wednesday 11th July 2012

Yet another wet day, but the sea was  calling so we set off anyway!  With a brief stop at the sports shop to get the few things we had forgotten to order for school next year and to try and buy M a winter coat (which apparently was a ridiculous idea as it is summertime ~ please note the pouring rain and cold temperatures outside!!), we made our way to Southsea seafront.  

This is part of the English coast line (about 20 miles from Petersfield) is where we used to take the children when we lived in the UK and also where my father used to visit as a child.  You can also look across the sea to the Isle of Wight (or Island of White as W has taken to calling it!) where my mother was born and grew up.

It was a very breezy day but the rain had at last stopped and M was determined to swim in the sea ~ we have decided she must have been a mermaid in a former life!

W wasn't quite so sure to start with, but was determined to get his feet wet!  He was fascinated by hundreds of tiny fish stranded by the tide.  He spent a long time trying to save them all by throwing them back into the sea.

H ventured onto the beach for a few minutes to take some photos.

It wasn't long before M persuaded W to go in for a swim .......

C didn't venture from the car at all !!

When we eventually managed to drag M from the sea we all enjoyed a rather chilly, very wind swept Mr Whippy icecream ~ thank you Mannie and Papi x


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