At Grandma's house

Day 4 ~ a day with Grandma.......
Tuesday 10th July 2012

Tuesday arrived and we had a visit to Grandma's planned.  We had hoped to spend the day out at Birdworld but unfortunately the weather was bad again, so a day walking around outside in the pouring rain did not look very appealing ~ we decided that the birds probably wouldn't want to come out of their houses either!

Luckily Grandma was prepared...........

............ she had very kindly ordered Lego sets for everyone!!!!!!!!

She also had a Spiderman game at the ready (a favourite of Uncle Doink's apparently).

We spent the morning playing and the afternoon in her local swimming pool (everyone else was at school so we had the pool to ourselves!)

We rounded off a lovely day with supper that Grandma had prepared.  Everyone agreed they had had a wonderful day.  Who needs to go out when you can have so much fun at home?  

Thank you for everything Grandma.


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