Day 6 of our Summer holiday 2012......
(Thursday 12th July 2012)

If you ask my children what they would like to do on their holiday in the UK, they will give you numerous diverse suggestions.  However the one place they all agree they always want to visit is PLAYZONE !!   This year we went with Nana again (Grandad stayed at home for a little peace and quiet!)

They couldn't wait to get going!!

H's not sure ~ it's a bit high!!

Maybe not this time ...

M's going to do it!


....... and up the other side.

Even big boys can play!

  Probably the best place for them!

That red slide is really high!

W likes the bumpy rainbow slide best.

Tired already/

NO WAY!!!!!

Slush Puppies all round ~ what a treat!!

A bit of juggling entertainment ....

....... and now with three balls!!

We spent most of the day at Playzone ~ they children were exhausted!  They did however feel they had enough energy left to visit a local pub for Curry Night!!  Where they also got to see their other cousins and Uncle David and Auntie Sally.

Thank you Nana and Grandad for a wonderful day!!

(Sorry I didn't get any photos of Grandad!)


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